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Climate and equipment

ONDUASU is part of the 900 to 2000 meter high plateau of Namibia. The climate is described as continental tropic or subtropical and is mainly dry. The seasons of the southern hemisphere are reversed to the ones of the nothern hemisphere. There are obvious deviations with regard to the characteristics of the seasons.

The inland of Namibia is hot and dry yet cool at the coast. There are two pronounced seasons:

  • The dry season lasting from May until September with temperatures from 20 up to 25 degrees C during the day and cool to cold nights;
  • The warm, rainy season lasting from October until April with temperatures from 30 to 40 degrees C.

The heaviest downpours occur during the hottest months of the year namely during January until March. However, regarding the “rainy season”, there is no guarantee that it will rain – only that it might rain.

As mentioned before, Namibia enjoys high summer temperatures except during winter. Light clothing made from linen or cotton, sunglasses and especially headgear and sun cream are strongly recommended.

In winter, it is warm during the day but cool in the mornings and evenings. Forst can occur at night. Warmer clothes are recommended for these times.

Concerning hunting, it is recommended to wear light clothes and proper walking shoes, light binoculars, a rifle with a calibre of 7 mm Magnum and upwards, as well as a packet of sweets per day for the “Plaas-Baas”.